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Spielberg was founded 50 years ago, initially establishing itself as one of the German market leaders for maintaining and servicing IBM punch-card systems. Over time, the company developed with the growth in information technology, and soon possessed comprehensive knowledge and expertise in interfaces for data management systems. The market launch of the first digital microfilm scanner in 1989 saw Spielberg specializing in the management of digital data.

1994: The Birth of ScanFile

In 1994, the Spielberg team developed ScanFile. The ScanFile document management solution – now in its ninth generation of the software – satisfies every requirement for small- to medium-size enterprises, and can also be profitably deployed in large-scale companies.

The close collaboration with Canon in various countries has meant that ScanFile is available in many different languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese (traditional and simplified). Other languages are currently under consideration to enable us to service the large international demand.

2003: Arrival of FileDirector

With the first appearance of .NET, Spielberg began work on developing FileDirector, which shortly after its sales launch in 2003 was establishing a reputation as an innovative and reliable Electronic Content Management solution. Through to today, FileDirector is based on the .NET framework and is thus proven to be equipped for future development stages. By using Microsoft SQL or Oracle, FileDirector can cope effortlessly with millions of datasets and documents, a feature that is particularly appreciated by larger SMEs and large enterprises, and by local authorities.

Today: Worldwide Support for over 7000 Installations

To satisfy the demands placed on an ultra-contemporary Electronic Content Management system and to guarantee worldwide support for over 7000 installations, Spielberg has expanded its software development and support teams considerably over recent years – we are ready to satisfy your requirements with our solutions.

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Whether your company is large or small, Spielberg Solutions has an application to hand for every type and size of business.

Electronic Content Management products can improve your business flows, your productivity and your customer service, whilst reducing costs at the same time. Spielberg brings the future of Electronic Content Management into today’s world, with a range of functions that can adapt seamlessly to your changing requirements.

Spielberg offers a powerful, cost effective and easy to use document storage solution for enterprise clients, small businesses, or workgroups where there are business critical business processes such as invoices, POD’s and general documentation.

Whatever the size of your business, implementing an Electronic Content Management solution will bring a host of benefits to it, giving you the competitive edge. On the one hand this happens by centrally capturing on electronic storage media. On the other hand by referencing all information intelligently you can access the information faster, securely, at any time, via an Intranet or the Internet, in the way that best suits your business needs. This is made easier by allowing every user to effectively manage their own information, including rapid capture, retrieval and distribution. Spielberg is your chance to bring business practice into the 21st Century.

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