Central Scanning, Offline Mode, Simple Implementation

The goal, when developing ScanStation, purely was simplicity – for the user. That’s quite a tough goal, but the team succeeded.
FileDirector ScanStation combines to words in perfection – efficiency and usability.

Enjoy the experience of ScanStation by streamlining scanning and Electronic Content Managment into one easy-to-use process. It could not be easier nor more efficient. FileDirector ScanStation recognizes different types of documents and processes them in an efficient and reliable manner. Reliable Electronic Content Management in three steps – walk up to your FileDirector ScanStation, put the documents into the scanner tray and select the type of document to be scanned. It is really that simple. When you are on your way back to your desk, the implemented queue in ScanStation processes your documents in the background, sending them to their next destination.

Traceability: With FileDirector ScanStation you will know exactly who scanned what. All documents can be traced back to the person that first entered them into the system.

Simplicity: Worried about implementing a new scanning system? Really, you don’t have to be worried at all. FileDirector ScanStation has been designed for standard PCs and touchscreen PCs. Imagine, scanning without the need of using keyboard or mouse. Identification by RFID card and a pin code, directly entered by touch and that’s the same way how a scan job is selected.
It is “touch, scan and go”.

User authentication: FileDirector ScanStation provides a user database, that can integrate with your domain’s Active Directory™ infrastructure.
The authentication itself can either be done by an RFID card and a 4 digits PIN or user name and a 4 digits PIN. Both ways can be used completely by touch.

Offline-Functionality: The offline-functionality of FileDirector ScanStation allows you scanning when your network is offline, for some reason. The intelligent, integrated job queue processes documents in the background and keeps your documents save.

Extendability: FileDirector ScanStation is your smart way into state-of-the-art ECM. Route your documents through your company, exactly to the point where it is needed – on time, everytime. FileDirector ScanStation works hand-in-hand with your FileDirector ECM system. Once your documents are scanned, FileDirector BPM takes on. It provides each document exactly to the user or group that has been specified in your company’s processes for verification, approval or automatic export of the relevant metadata for external systems. That’s the point where a central-point-scanning becomes a company-wide benefit.