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Quick FAQs

Here is a short list of our most frequently asked questions about one of the best electronic content management products in the world.

Why should you get FileDirector?

FileDirector is the most efficient way you can centralize your information. It’s a system with built-in scanning so going paper-less doesn’t get much easier. With FileDirector 3.0 you can access those files anywhere, from your tablet, PC or mobile phone.

Is FileDirector scalable?

Yes. It’s built on .Net technology and SQL so scales up to multiple servers in multiple locations. It’s very fast to deploy and works very comfortably with just a few users in one department as well.

How secure is the information when stored?

Files are stored in their original format with scans saved as Tiff or PDF/A files. The files can be secured in 128-bit encrypted containers. Access to the server is secured using either built-in usernames and passwords or Active Directory single sign-on. FileDirector behaves like a website so you can secure the “transport” between your users and the server with https security certificate as well.

How is FileDirector licensed?

FileDirector is modular so you only need to pay for the modules you need. Users can either be named or concurrent. This means you could have a set of users with permanent access using named licenses and a group of users working from a pool of concurrent user licenses.

What does FileDirector integrate with?

Any application using a built-in set of commands, including but not limited to Microsoft office, Windows Desktop, and SAP. There is no coding or scripting. You just drag and drop your documents into place.

How do I become a reseller?

Please fill out the form and a representative will reach out to you.